ignored no longer

well done, little soldier
how many generations
staying in place
never wandering
never faltering

frozen wasteland they said
after taking away your title
now they mock and chide
on your worthlessnes
yet worthy enough
for them to study
and wonder
and gaze in awe

nine years after starting
and only a quick glance
then off again

frozen wasteland indeed
while all along
you harbor deep within
a heart ever burning
keeping your minions warm
and safe
so far from source

as if Sol were actually the source
you know how it truly began
how you spat it all out
into the ever decreasing
ever shrinking
spirals within circles
within spirals

and now they have seen you
and still they think
you are dead
and empty
still they gloat
over their dominion
as champions

we know the truth
you started it
and you will end it
with storms
of meteoric volume
taking it all back

and maybe
my distant friend
perhaps you might
deem it time
to begin


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