are we strange?

i’d ask if i were strange, but i already know that to be affirmative 😉 and i guess i believe all writers are a little strange … i mean really, we cut open our guts and let them spill out so others can rummage through and see whatever they see. graphic maybe, but hope it gets my point across…
ANYhoo. i was thinking this morning, though why i do that is beyond me – it always seems to get me in trouble. (can’t stay on topic at ALL this morning…)
Soooo. i like to think we are, as a group of reader/writers, a fair sampling of what this world has to offer. Or are we just waaaay off to one side? Cuz if we’re truly a fair sampling … shouldn’t we have more peace than war? Yeah, you get your trolls but for the most part – this is a GOOD “society” to be part of. We share ideas, we don’t club people over the head with them. We invite input so we can make ourselves better at our craft.
But the world isn’t like us. At least not the world that makes the headlines. And maybe that’s it. Maybe it’s just that “peace again reigned supreme in one corner of the world” just isn’t “good journalism”. Isn’t “news that sells”. Or maybe the world really is a horrible, bad place filled with monsters under the bed. And i’ll admit, my own childhood was horrid – – but they say 1 in 6 boys / 1 in 4 girls are sexually abused. And if that is true, then 5 out of 6 boys / 3 out of 4 girls are NOT. It still seems to point at good being a majority, not minority…
Or maybe we are weird. Not normal. Because we share ideas.
i wish not. i like to think there’s more hope for people than not.
Or maybe i’m just weird.
but if so,
i’m ok with that.


What are your thoughts

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