idle time is baaaaaad

So i’m stuck sitting for a while. Other than standing to walk to get something or such – i’m to sit. With my back straight, no less. Ok- – – so what do i DO while i’m stuck sitting? Playing music hurts (major tears) cuz height of the keyboard is off or something. Can only watch so much TV before insanity sets in. Video games are good for an hour maybe. Hour and a half at best.
i know. i can review all my posts and put tags on them, since i never tag my stuff and should. That ought to kill some time. Probably whatever is left of my sanity too …
And my video. i know it needs work… It needs ……. something. Different pictures, more pictures, clean up the music .. There’s a puzzle for a few hours. Or decades.
Dunno. Watcha think?


7 thoughts on “idle time is baaaaaad

  1. Hi Marcus… I never have idle time… my mind is always busy. I don’t suppose I have ever been bored. Whenever there is nothing that needs to be done, I am either reading about things that interest me, like this post… or writing about wherever my mind is wandering at that moment… so I can’t be much help on how to spend idle time.
    On your video, though…
    I love it just the way it is… wouldn’t change a thing… I find it to be perfect for the message it portrays… Thanks for sharing this with us and I hope your evening is filled with a busy mind of intriguing explorations…


    • Michael – thank you for your post – it is inspirational. “busy mind of intriuguing explorations” … i don’t think i’ve had an evening like that in a LONG time. Will be nice to see if it happens!
      And thanks for the kind words on the video. i am always so negative on my own work, it’s good to get validation from someone else.
      — and actually, i suppose my mind isn’t so idle as my hands are … maybe … lol – guess i’ll find out as time goes on.


  2. I went back to the beginning of your blog. Ever do that? Go back before you started a “follow” to see things you missed? Lots of awesome things on your blog I missed like this video. It’s perfect. The music the time between pictures. Give you time to process. Ok so FYI,, I have looked through about 20 old posts so if your views are now 20 then WordPress is jacked!

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