another ‘normal’ post – 6/15/15

i just don’t have anything witty or filled with pathos this morning.  Spent the weekend doing the usual mundane chores of laundry, cleaning, etc.  And, since we had some sunshine, i washed the outside of my windows and even rant the car thru a car wash.  They say i’m tempting fate, but so be it.  It seemed like a good way to kill time waiting on laundry.

This morning came way too soon. The weekend went fast enough, but last night flew by. Which is odd, considering i didn’t sleep much. Dragging myself around at work now trying to at least look motivated.

Tomorrow i get our department’s 24/7 phone. Being I.T., we have to be available 24/7. To accomplish that, each group has a cell phone that somebody gets to carry for a week. For the desktop world, that switch is on Tuesdays, which is tomorrow, and i’m the lucky cuss who’s next on the list. oh yay.

i keep telling myself “only 6 more years. 6 more years’. It’s becoming my mantra. Unless the government hoses things up (again), i get to retire in 6 years. Lol- i may never see the light of day again. Work is the only reason i get out of bed now. With out that .. why get up?

i actually like the idea of staying in bed. i suppose it’s one of the symptoms of the depression. Dr. says it is – and as we all know – doctors are always right. The ‘sperm donor’ should have been a doctor; hell only knows he was always right.

i’ve been asked if i ever miss them, or want to go their graves to “pay my respect”. one of these days i may actually just break down and tell someone. i’m just afraid if i started i wouldn’t know how to stop…

Next weekend should be a blast. On the ‘up’ side, i could get lucky and the phone will keep me jumping so my mind doesn’t lock onto the past.


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