question of the hour

i wonder what it is like
   to wake up and know you have friends
people you could call just to say hello
   or “whatcha upto?”
      or even
               “got a minute to talk?”

they wouldn’t need to know 
    that dark secret
         the one that scares people away
         or makes people think you’re crazy
         for not already being “over it”

no, they wouldn’t need to know
but …. you’d know 
   if the conversation ever went that way
you could tell them
            and it wouldn’t change anything
                      except maybe, 
                      for a minute, 
                               they might feel sad for you
     and yet remain a friend.

i really do wonder
            just what that’s like…

2 thoughts on “question of the hour

  1. You are fortunate and blessed (but I bet you already know that 🙂 ) I’m currently flying solo .. but I get to pick when/where/if I land this beast for a while. I’d be jealous, but how can I be jealous when someone receives what they should be receiving???
    Your husband is also one lucky man. He has a courageous survivor in his wife 🙂


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