The Blessing

Oh masterful Creator and Lord of life,
   You who made all that I know
         and could ever hope to know,

Did you truly intend to make me as I am?

Am I expected to live 
      with this desire
               this hunger
For another man's presence in my life?

If I am in fact "fearfully and wonderfully made"
   then it is Your divine hand that created me,
      formed me to be what I am
         knowing who I was designed to be.

In love I am created, 
      in love I must live.

But my Lord, my gracious Savior,
   how is it you would decide to lay this at my feet?
Why would I be given such a torment?
I beg you, what could be the reason?

The answer, low, sweet, and pure
   was as soft as my cries were loud,
      as gentle as mine were full of anguish,
         as calm as mine were tormented.


 “Certain gifts are only given to the truly strong.
Blessed is the one who receives such a gift from my hand.

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