Someone Like Me

(only partially tongue-in-cheek)

Life's never easy
   for someone like me
I can't see the forest
   because of the trees

It's always half empty
   and never half full
I spend my life pushing
   on a door that's marked "Pull"

I can't win for losing
   the sky's always grey
There's no silver lining
   it's always been that way

Too cold to go swimming
   too nice to stay in
The bread is too moldy
   the lunch meat - too thin

In all of life's journeys
   I know that I'll find
If I'm in a hurry
   I'm in the slow line

There are lumps in the gravy
   and a fly in the soup
History shall be repeated
   and I'm stuck in the loop

This isn't self-pity
   it's the way that life is
If I buy some new towels
   they're marked "Hers" - never "His"

No one can help me
   I must do this to grow
The road set before me
   is my row to hoe

So don't ask why I'm moody
   just look and you'll see
You can never be happy
   when you're someone like me


2 thoughts on “Someone Like Me

    • Very true. Me also. But I was thinking more of the lumps from the rue or whatever thickening agent was used … 😉
      As always, thank you for reading; thank you for commenting!


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