a sister’s love

In silence she moves
   the air itself doesn’t betray her presence
there is nothing to announce her arrival

She walks slowly
   bulbous eyes locked on the floor
         where, in the center,
      her prize awaits

She approaches the ball slowly
   like a cat stalking it’s lunch
         so does she move
Her eyes burning with the hunger
         of her crazed desires

She reaches the boy
      strokes his hair
her defensive hard shell strangely soft
      her touch deceitfully gentle

He tightens against her presence
            but she murmurs
      almost purrs
         as her eight legs begin to pry at him
unfolding his frame
   until he lies before her, unable to move

Her fangs drip with the venom of her lust
   and he closes his eyes, wishing himself gone
   as she bends down and begins her feast
   taking what she wishes
      leaving him filled with shame

For a while he is gone
         . . . his body remains
   yet he is not present
until she finishes
   allowing him once more to curl into a ball

         She hovers over him
      eight legs encircling him
like bars of a cage

She wraps him with her silk
         comforting in the warmth it brings
though so surrounded
   he cannot move

Being so bound to her
            by her
      he has no hope of freedom

She hums to him as she slides through the darkness
      – her song of sisterly affection
. . . securing the line to his cocoon within the shadows
               where he will wait
   until once again
            she wants to play


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